500mA DC Current Source

The SpikeSafe 500mA DC Current Source is a member of the Spikesafe DC product family. The SpikeSafe 500mA DC Current Source is your best choice for precise constant current at currents less than 500mA. It is available in single and multiple source channel models. This current source is optimized for high capacity applications including reliability, burn-in test, and IESNA LM-80. The DC current source is optimized for 24/7 operation and will reliably and accurately supply maximum compliance voltages to 400V. It will also provide consistent 500mA current to the end of long cables. The high voltage capability make this current source an ideal choice to power high voltage devices, such as LEDs used for illumination. Series circuits containing multiple devices are easily powered with a 400V maximum compliance voltage. For example, it is possible to drive 125 3V devices on one source channel. Devices in series are protected with SpikeSafe transient protection.

The 500mA DC current sources are easily integrated into a turnkey system. Vektrex developed software applications for DC current sources include Vektrex developed Control Panel Software Application and STARS (SpikeSafe Test and Reliability System). Control Panel Software Application provides a user interface to a SpikeSafe current source allowing you to use your device almost immediately. STARS is designed for high capacity system usage and is applicable for LM-80 usage.

Transient protection safeguards devices and improves test results. Devices being tested are protected with a gentle turn-on during ramp-up and SpikeSafe load protection during operation. Spikesafe indicates patented and proprietary circuitry and algorithms to proactively detect device anomalies and rapidly shut down power – within nanoseconds. This is important for series string operation. Generally only one device will fail and the others may resume testing. Other current sources will spike current at device fail and all devices will be damaged costing time and money. DC ON/OFF usage or pseudo pulsing is possible, however Vektrex recommends using the pulsed capability of the DC / Continuous Pulse (DCP) series or Performance Series Current Sources.

The notable specifications for this current source are as follows: the minimum recommended current compliant with LM-80 3% accuracy requirement is 339uA. The nominal current ripple is 0.01% + 160uA. The low current range to 40mA output current accuracy is 0.05% + 10uA and the high current range to 500mA output current accuracy is 0.05% + 75uA. 

500mA Performance Curves

This model is available for use with an internal power supply (300W or 600W). For total output power across 8 source channels (8 x 200W = 1,600W), an auxiliary power supply is required. Please consult Vektrex for auxiliary power supply recommendations.

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