50mA Source Measure Unit

The 50mA Source Measure Unit is a highly specialized and precise instrument tailored for testing and characterizing low current light emitting devices, such as VCSEL singlets, single emitters, micro-devices, and nanofin LEDs. The ability to provide both DC current and precision pulsed current with excellent pulse fidelity at low currents is crucial for accurately assessing the performance and characteristics of these devices.

Vektrex 50mA SMU LED load 10mA 50V 50us pulse
Vektrex 50mA SMU LED load 10mA 50V 50us pulse

Accurate currents combined with fast rise and fall times plus a precision hardware-controlled timing system that synchronizes source, measure and external instrumentation allow discovery at low currents.

Learn more about Source Measure Units (50mA to 10A max current) and High Current Source Measure Units (10A to 60A).

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