40A SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit

The 40A SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit is part of the SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit family. Output pulses have nanosecond rise and fall times – key to precise and repeatable LED, LIDAR, VCSEL photometric and electrical measurements. This current source supplies precision DC, continuous pulse, and single pulse current with excellent pulse fidelity. A precision hardware-controlled timing system supports pulse widths from 10µs to 15000s. Hardware triggering ensures measurement repeatability. Programmable load tuning alters the 40A SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit current regulator response to compensate for load conditions, cable impedance, and length. Continuous power conversion technology means no duty cycle or pulse width limitations. Multiple output conductor pairs keep maximum current/conductor below 5A, allowing the current output to be routed through standard switching and interconnect devices.

An optional bias current module supports junction temperature (Tj), thermal resistance (RΘ), and dynamic thermal impedance measurements.

Devices being tested are protected with a gentle turn-on during ramp-up and with SpikeSafe load protection during operation. SpikeSafe load protection continuously monitors voltage and current patterns and instantly shuts down the drive current when device anomalies are detected.

The notable specifications for this current source are as follows: the low range output current accuracy is 0.4%+1.4mA. The high range output current accuracy is 0.08%+8mA. The pulse width range is 10µs-15000s and the pulse width accuracy is 1.3µs. The pulse rise/fall time is 350ns-4.5µs and the typical pulse width jitter is 30ns.

The Control Panel Software Application is available with this current source. Learn more about Control Panel here

40A Source Pulse Shapes

Precision pulsing is key to best practices test and measurement. The 40A SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit offers programmable pulse width flexibility. It is capable of long pulse widths (ms to seconds) and short pulse widths (100us pulse widths and faster). With the pulse source, minimum 10us pulse widths are possible.  Pulse width accuracy is 1.3us with pulse rise and fall times of 350ns to 4.5us. Ramp time is adjustable. 

Performance Curves

This model includes buck and is available for use with an internal power supply (300W or 600W).  For total output power (6.4kW), an auxiliary power supply is required. Please consult Vektrex for auxiliary power supply recommendations.

Learn more about SpikeSafe Source Measure Units here.