Control Panel Software Application

Control Panel and Performance Series Current Source

Vektrex developed Control Panel is a comprehensive easy-to-use software application that is used to Connect, Configure and Control a SpikeSafe Current Source, and Monitor the test/device either at your desk or remotely. Control Panel brings users a seamless experience by communicating with one SpikeSafe single or multi-source channel module. With such a comprehensive application, this complete-solution software is ideal for your organization’s needs.

Control Panel allows users to control their SpikeSafe, providing ultimate capability over your current source. Control Panel has various features that simplify virtually any load testing process. The application can set source current and compliance voltage. With the simple interface and remarkably easy-to-use settings, Control Panel can apply settings to a single or multiple-source channel module. Control Panel focuses on providing users proper testing consistency and ease of use with features that allow you to save presets, letting you save and recall all current source settings.

Quickly Develop Custom Testing Applications

"View SCPI Output" Screenshot

SpikeSafe Series current sources include a text based SCPI API accessed via standard ethernet connection. Once connected via Ethernet, Control Panel uses the SCPI interface to control the Spikesafe (send and receive commands) and monitor the device (query and receive status updates). When SCPI logging is enabled, all SCPI commands corresponding to user actions are logged. Custom software development is simplified by viewing and cutting/pasting the SCPI commands and sequences. Control Panel also includes the “Enable SCPI Logging” button for retrieving your settings and saving them to the desktop.

The Control Panel software application will help simplify training and the process of getting to know the specifics of your SpikeSafe.

Control Panel and Vf

Control Panel Vf Logging

Measuring and viewing forward voltage (Vf) is important for many applications. With the enhanced Control Panel software application, it is simple to generate repeatable VI curves for your device. Merge with the flux data to generate LIV curves. With Control Panel view the forward voltage over the pulse allowing users to visualize the pulse shape accomplishing an important goal – ensuring an ideal pulse shape key to repeatable measurements and tests. Visualizing the pulse shape will confirm the load tuning to avoid overshoot and compensate for cable impedance. Control Panel will connect, communicate and control an internal SpikeSafe digitizer or an external DMM such as the Keysight 34465A, the Keithley 6510 or Keithley 7510.  Device Vf will be monitored and logged/displayed.

Vektrex’s easy-to-use Control Panel application provides turn-key control of the SpikeSafe current sources and optional high-speed sampling voltmeters and spectrometers. This software pairing provides familiar LED and laser diode source/measure capabilities – with the added benefit of high-speed sampling, pulse visualization, and light measurement.

Control Panel and Light

Performance Series Current Source with SpecWin Pro shown

Control Panel can be integrated with SpecWin Pro by Instrument Systems when using the CAS Spectrometer. SpecWin Pro makes light testing easier and simple, by integrating inputs and controls. SpecWin Pro provides the highest degree of functionality for the operation of Instrument Systems spectrometers. Intergrated with Control Panel, SpecWin Pro offers a complete solution for your testing needs.

Set-Up and Configuration

Control Panel Screenshot

Start using your SpikeSafe immediately with Control Panel’s easy connection and configuration abilities. Simply input the IP address associated with your Current Source and set your desired voltage and current.

From there, choose between any of the 50+ Vektrex SpikeSafe Current Source modes supported by your device and begin your pulsing to see just what your LEDs and VCSELs are capable of. Control Panel makes it easy to continue to monitor your LEDs and VCSELs over time with the click of a button. The Control Panel software application will help simplify training and the process of getting to know the specifics of your SpikeSafe.

Transient Protection

SpikeSafe Precsion Pulsed Current Source Transient Protection

Vektrex designed Performance Series Current Sources offer Spike Safe Transient Response. This Transient Response limits device damage when failures occur. Typical Constant voltage sources run in constant current mode. For example, a 1000% Current Spike, which can happen with typical constant voltage sources, will kill your devices. Other current sources with low capacitance are similarly prone to killing your devices from even a 400% current spike. Spike Safe Current Sources provide features such as providing options to configure over current threshold and rapid voltage change detection. Spike Safe digitally-controlled current sources with fast protection drastically limit damage from current spikes and protect your LED, VCSEL, and LIDAR devices during testing.


Load Tuning


To achieve good rise and fall times with minimal overshoot, Spike Safe Current Sources include programmable compensation settings that can be set to accommodate a variety of load conditions. The ‘Load Impedance’ setting, accessed through the Control Panel Software Application, adjusts for cable length and load impedance. The ‘Rise Time’ setting, also accessed through the Control Panel Software Application, controls the speed of the pulse rise and fall and shapes the rising edge. Slower settings provide slower, more controlled edges. These features make testing simple and safe.

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