Our friends in China have introduced us to a symbol (危机) that indicates challenge and opportunity. This symbol we equate with 2020. At Vektrex, we have taken the opportunity this year to focus on innovation and we’ve achieved much beyond our dreams:   

1. STARS Software Application now includes Save/Recall functionality. Save/Recall allows administrators to define and save recipes for execution. Save/Recall increases security, simplifies usability and helps eliminate pesky test setup errors. STARS is THE ultimate application for reliability and burn-in applications.

2. SpikeSafe SMU Wins Product Award in Enabling Technology and Test Category at Strategies in Light. A proud moment to honor our research and products to be sure!

3. SpikeSafe SMU High Current announced and released and nominated for an SPIE Prism Award. The SpikeSafe High Current SMU, a pulsed source measure unit built for unmatched accuracy and repeatability, provides continuous output power and faster better pulses to support testing and overdriving devices with maximum current levels of 10A, 20A, 40A and 60A.

4. The SpikeSafe SMU force sense selector switch provides two key functions. Connect/Disconnect to speed production testing and A/B function to simplify load wiring. The A/B function facilitates swapping control/monitoring between the SMU and another instrument that shares the same load wiring.  Especially important for legacy systems where higher currents, faster better pulses, and increased capabilities are needed …. the switch enables easy insertion of the SMU while preserving legacy functionality.
5. Differential Digitizer for low and high current SpikeSafe SMU announced and released. Digitizers are crucial for the next-generation optical measurements which require precise alignment of voltage and optical measurements. This smart differential digitizer reduces measurement complexity by providing only the exact, time-aligned data you need for your measurement.

6. Junction Temperature was an important topic this year and will continue to take importance in 2021. Published in LEDS Magazine, this Junction Temperature article discusses how the Spikesafe SMU solves a critical problem for luminaire manufacturers.  

7. To simplify junction temperature measurement, a TJ Measurement Toolkit was released. This toolkit includes best practices and a step-by-step guide to taking insitu and ensemble measurements – including an excel spreadsheet with to simplify the calculations. Python API and examples are also available.

8. IESNA LM-80: Jeff Hulett provided leadership during a modification of the LM-80 standard. The standard, now up for vote, includes UV and laser devices. Vektrex and our third party test partners are ready to help you prepare for release of this new standard.  

9. IESNA LM-85 and CIE TC2-91: More importantly, these measurement groups are undertaking many measurement problems that have plagued the industry, such as the LED thyristor effect and heating induced droop. New breakthrough methods that solve these problems are coming soon. Improving measurements and the related data is one of Vektrex passions.

We are grateful for and appreciate our friends new and old, measuring and comparing devices sent to us for measurement research, supporting our equipment around the world, helping people improve their capabilities, and continuing our quest to provide the highest quality and forward-looking products and solutions for our industry.

Happy Holidays!

About Melissa Ford

Melissa Ford is the President and CEO of Vektrex. In this role, Ms. Ford created the Vektrex vision—to innovate and produce advanced, high quality, forward looking solutions that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions for our clients and partners in the semiconductor industry. Ms. Ford has focused the company on this vision, guiding it steadfast in the direction of products, replacing its service only business. Vektrex, under Ms. Ford’s vision and direction, advances the industry globally by defining and setting the standard for high quality LED reliability. Vektrex is the world leader in technology used to measure LED lighting reliability. The company products are made in the USA and distributed worldwide.